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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My list

Places Ive been!
Utah..... na that hurts my head how about...

Places I Want To GO!
-the heartland of the wilderness of Kenya of Africa which is on earth.
-highland Utah
-the very tip of Texas
-in the middle of the red sea

Monday, October 21, 2013

Growing up

Do you even realize
                              our childhood ends at the end of our senior year.
                                                                                                          haha not really.  I just say that because im scared to grow up.
                                               Im scared because I wont be as sucessful as my parents. Not as prepared as they are. Not as lucky
                                    lucky from staying out of trouble.
                                                                                        lucky they have had no acidents.
                                                                                                                                          lucky there was no war to destroy their lives.
                                           lucky to live in america. to be alive.
                                                                                            to have a job.
                                                                                                             OOOOOOrrr is this just some excuse because Im not mature enough. not prepared to live and survive on my own. Its just something new. Change. I think we all need it, because pretty fricken soon were going to be dead. hahahahahaha

The moon

What do you think the first people said about the moon? Did they even think about it? Would they ever dreamed of the human race reaching the moon? I mean actually setting a foot on the moon, millions
of miles away. Thats insane! I tend to like the whole idea of the moon being made out of cheese
more than just a huge space rock in outer space. What if it was alive. All alone. Lonely.
Just constantly circling the earth, watching, looking, learning. I think we all feel
like the moon. No purpose. Only time to ponder your loneliness. Nothing to
live for. Dont feel like the moon. Ever. You are never alone. Someone
is always there for you! Little do we forget the moon has the sun.
It is always shining on the moon no mater where it is. I guess
I can make some kind of analogy of us shining on
someone or someone shining on us. But that
wouldn't be very creative writing because
no one really wants to hear all this
crap all the time. I'm sure we're
all sick of this kind of stuff.
But you know the moon.
its just a huge rock.
I think the gover-
ment is hiding

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Freedom was pretty much given to me. It was given to me by all the soldiers giving up their lives for me to do whatever i want when i want. It was given to me by the brave people that have lived before my lifetime working hard to build up this country form the ground up. Building it from scratch. But seriously, i can do whatever i want! Think about it, i dont have to be writing this post right now, i dont have to go to bed tonight, i dont have to show up to school tomorrow, i dont have to eat right now, but i do have the right to eat right now cuz im hungry. Its just pure freedom. Pure freedom to work hard as long as i want, or i can be a lazy butt playing call of duty all day long eating cheetoes. i can do it! i just dont know what to do.

Secrets of Space Camp

Ive been waiting to go to space camp my whole entire flippen life! Everyone tells me i wont make it but someday ill show them. At space camp we learn a lot, alot happens that noone really knows about, its kind of a secret, but i dont know yet cuz i havent been there, but when i go ooooohhhhhh yeah ill be living the life. There are so many things to do i dont know if anyone has done it all, probably not even in their entire life, its just not possible. Im just especailly excited for _______(sorry its kinda a secret._) just all the people and the food and the toys and freedom and money and the secrets. No one is alive to tell the secrets of space camp. It might be the last thing i do.

ok nows now

can technology really solve all of our problems? The kind where I get on youtube and find out how to fix my tv remote, or maybe even the kind to solve my problems with relationships I have. Youtube can fix anything! Its great to help people get over their problems just type in anything your having trouble with and answers apear before your eyes, you hardly have to do any work at all, its just magical. Can Siri anwser all the questions you have about life, all the questions you have about God. Can we ignore everyones calls just becasue we feel like it, can we just forget about all the social media. Just trying to find a voice somewhere in this world, but no one can really hear you, all they see are words and a picture to judge you on. wasting your time.....

Closer to death

The moment right....Now...... is the farthest you will be away from death untill eventually, you guessed it, your death. Its also the closest you've ever been to death. Every second that ticks on the clock we are all closer to our death, all closer to something new and unknown to us, something we all have different views on, something that no one can ultamately comprehend. It exceeds our imagination in every way, makes us rethink the life we live each day. Makes us feel regret and even excitement. Death is seen differently in everyones eyes. Death is everything we live for.